To me, Namaste says it all.  As humans we desire meaningful connections.  In fact these meaningful connections are what life is all about.

The greatest joy I take from classes, workshops and retreats that I am involved with is that moment  when we all come together and share the word ‘Namaste’.  Because in that moment ‘Namaste’ is so much more than a word; it’s a palpable energy of love and peace that’s embraced everybody.
It’s what keeps me coming back for more!


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“Joining Kate’s Yoga class has bought me an inner peace and calmness like I have never experienced before. Her classes truly nourish your body and mind and the aura of gratefulness and peace Kate exudes is absolutely infectious. Her classes are vibrant, relaxed and most of all … fun! Being part of Kate’s Yoga family is the best gift I have ever given myself.” Louise

“Kate is an inspiration, I love her Yoga classes.  I always leave feeling wonderful and connected.  Through Yoga I am learning to trust my body and develop self-awareness. Kate has the magic to calm you down.  We are blessed to have such a teacher in our community”.   Leticia

“I was blessed to be part of an impromptu Yoga session with Kate, outside on a sunny morning in Clyde. Through her deep knowledge she intuitively guided us through Yoga movements, and breathing, which accumulated with us feeling connected, revived and beautifully transformed.”    Sandra

Copyright Thrive Yoga 2016 | All rights reserved

Copyright Thrive Yoga 2016 | All rights reserved