Traditionally Yoga was practiced in nature, in the mountains and forests, by the river banks and sea shores. Yoga students cultivated gardens, took care of animals, and learned how to live in the wild. This was an integral part of their training and allowed the natural power of Yoga to grow within them.

Aligning ourselves to the natural cycles of day and night, seasons, moon phases and weather attunes us to powerful rhythms that can support us to move from surviving to thriving.

You are invited to ‘Thrive in Nature’ on a Weekend Yoga Retreat.

Say goodbye to our double glazed, Wi-Fi world for a weekend and say hello to –

 – The goodness of Yoga –

– The restorative and powerful effects of nature –

– Nourishing food made with love –

– Connecting with like-hearted people –

Each year ‘Thrive in Nature’ Yoga Retreats will be held in various natural locations within Southland and Otago.  The emphasis is on nourishing and inspiring our well-being through the natural environment, Yoga, beautiful food and community rather than luxury accommodation. Thus a sense of childlike adventure is to be had as we stay in good old fashioned camps where it’s the beauty of nature that empowers us rather than the thread count of the sheets!  Each year these nature retreats will explore a different Yogic theme.

Come with us and ‘Thrive in Nature’.

There is so much goodness in creating space to reflect, breathe, connect, contemplate and a retreat is the perfect place to do so.

Thrive Yoga loves the depth of goodness that opens in a retreat setting.  We look forward to sharing this with you. 

Information on upcoming retreats will be shown when available.

Copyright Thrive Yoga 2016 | All rights reserved

Copyright Thrive Yoga 2016 | All rights reserved